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"Holt's razor sharp intuition and intelligence make up the backbone of his talent for which all his other

skills attach. Every single day, he managed to impress me and as a filmmaker I felt my doors of limitation open and eventually vanish. He comes ready to work and there's never any bullshit. I cannot think of anyone else playing the role of Eugene. He owned it that much.  He's superhuman in my book!"
-Michael Yurinko - Director of


"Holt brought a high level of professionalism and he carved an incredible amount of soul out of the character of Earl Doonan. Shoot days were long, and arduous, but Holt never complained or fell out of character. A must hire."

-Anthony Pedone - Director of 

An American In Texas

"Holt Boggs is a tremendously gifted actor who approaches the characters he plays with soul, wisdom and a rare vulnerability. He is a sharp observer of the human condition; and brings wit, intuition, and honesty to each project we have partnered on. To work with Holt is to work with a consummate professional: skillful, precise and open to adjustment. He finds meaning and motivation in each character he plays, and elevates every film he is in. He is one of the kindest, most open-hearted actors I have ever had the pleasure of working with, and his talent and integrity are beyond reproach."

-Ben Adams (Atomic Productions)- Director of Iridescent

"Holt brought the character of Wayne to life with a layered, versatile performance that was funny, poignant, vulnerable AND tough. His intelligence, humor and humanity—not to mention amazing timing and instinct—shine through in every moment he’s on screen."
David Wilson - Screenwriter of THE UNDERNEATH

"Holt Boggs is especially good at creating fun dialogue as well as putting in his own comedic performance as an actor." -The Cable Men Review

-Mikel Fair - Austin Comedy Short Film Festival


"The film's true find is Star Holt Boggs..."

-Mike Watt - FilmThreat



"Few compare to Holt Boggs. This guy's got to be one of the hardest working men in the business. He's dedicated, doesn't miss a say 'jump', he'll ask, 'how high?' and then goes above and beyond."

-Brian Jaynes - Director of BIGFOOT WARS

"At the risk of sounding cliche', Holt Boggs took our film The Adventures of Pepper and Paula to the next level as he brought a rain of comedy that we originally had not planned. I loved how he worked with us to form his character and bring it to life, nearly every one of his ideas were golden. We are looking forward to

working with him again."

-Kevin Nations - Co-Director


"Holt was always willing to go the extra mile, or give me another take on the character and I believe the film is better because he did that. I feel spoiled because now I'm going to expect this level of awesomeness from everyone I work with."

-Deepak Chetty - Director


"A team player, very experienced, very much talented, with an instinct that reminds me about myself. He's a great actor, a great storyteller, a professional. That's Holt Boggs to me."

-Bobby Barbacioru - Creator of Three Knee Deep

"Holt is exactly what I imagined when I was writing the character. I am forever grateful for how he brought Drummer to life the way he did. He nailed it and gave the character an extra edge I hadn't realized."

-Gareth Brookes - Screenwriter of

The Pact TV Series

"The mise en scéne of Crazy is superb, the atmosphere is spectacularly curated, and the script is really, really fucking funny."

-Chris Olson - UK Film Review

CRAZY Review

"Working with Holt was incredible. He brought years of acting experience to the role, I seriously can't believe this guy hasn't been "discovered" yet, but think his time will come soon. He's a hard worker and uncompromising in fleshing out inconsistencies in his characters. Work with this actor, you won't regret it. "

-Zachary Purcell - Director of One Small Step

"As Joe V., Holt Boggs rivals any Dennis Hopper performance in charming and sometimes uncontrollable madness. His command of the stage and his character is obvious from the beginning..."

-Paul A.Weisenfeld - Theatre Critic


"Boggs has a commanding onscreen presence, undeniable charisma, and delivers an outstanding performance in virtually every scene in the film.

His physically and emotionally demanding role

anchors an exceptional ensemble cast and humanizes

Kaufman's brilliant action-art film. 

-Bruce Fletcher - Director of Programming
San Francisco Independent Film Festival

"The writing is fantastic, the story as a whole works so well and actors give a performance worthy of the script."

-Graham Blake -

CRAZY Review

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