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Demo Reels

Theatrical Demo Reel

Comedy Demo Reel


The Doo Dah Man (2015)

Role: Frank tries to make amends with his estranged son.

Queen of the South

(S1 Ep 12)

Role: Donald Henry is a DEA agent with some info the cartel is after. 

Overcast (2016)

Role: Paulie, a crime boss wants his money and is losing his patience.

In An Instant

(S1 Ep. 7)

Role: Officer Pete Soulis ends up fighting for his life to stop a killer.


Role: Matthew - The muscle for a drug cartel

As Far As The Eye Can See (2016)

Role: Bob Tanner - Anti social father who thanks Jack for hiring his daughter.

An American In Texas (2017)

Role: Earl Doonan - not a good dude and not a good looking dude. 

HARD RESET 3D (2016)

Role: Det. Sebastian Wright, a no-nonsense cop with differing views about the future of society.

Richie (2018)

Role: George finds out his son has been dealing drugs.

ENTITY (2017)

Role: Eugene is a victim of a demonic possession and refuses to go back in the house after what happened.

In An Instant

(S1 Ep. 7)

Role: Officer Soulis gets a rare break to tuck his kids in for bed.

An American In Texas (2017)

Role: Earl Doonan - Sociopathic step father who is taking over the local plant. 

Dallas (2015-2016)

Role: State Trooper - He had more than a busted tail light.

A Heist with Markiplier (2019)

Role: Prison Guard - Not a very bright one at that. 

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