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"Super Plus" - A Short but True Story

I went to the grocery store today and I was just kinda feelin it, you know? I was walking down the isle, rocking my pre-beard scruff, feeling manly. I'm growing a beard, hence the scruff. It was in my walk too, I had swagger, almost like I was in slow motion or like I should've been forced to wear my sunglasses inside. Yeah, I was that guy. I was that guy and I felt good about it. I had my motorcycle jacket on. It was black, but not just a leather jacket, one of those with the armor and the padding in the shoulders and the elbows and stuff. I looked like Batman from the waist up. I was like some kind of weird Batman/GI Joe hybrid and everyone knew it. I winked at people as I passed. Who does that? I did damn it, I did. I had my motorcycle helmet in my left hand and in my right had...a big ass box of tampons. Tampax Pearl Super Plus I think.

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